63min / Portugal / No-Fiction / 2013.

Director: Miguel Cabral.
Producer: Lêila Films, Quilombo Films.
Cinematographer: Iván Castiñeiras, Christophe Rolin.
Editor: Francisco Moreira.
Sound Director: Catherine Boutaud.
Sound Design: Miguel Cabral.
Music: Cipriano Mesquita, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.


Jeorge is a knife-sharpener. Despite being old and retired, he still keeps on working. Even health is not on his side, but this doesn’t seem to stop him. He drives down the streets with his motorcycle loaded with the trade’s tools day in and day out. Along the way he meets people he has known for years; he relives the past with them and looks concerned at the future, which seems to want to erase them.


*Festival internacional Doclisboa 2013, mention du jury*.



Festival internacional Doclisboa 2013.
Festival de Turim 2013.
Camerimage 2014.
Krakow Film Festival 2014.
Biografilm festival 2014.
Quinzaine du cinéma portugais 2015.
Panorama 2014.
Theatro Circo, 2014.
S.C.A.M, 2014.
Traces de Vies, 2014.
Centro Cultural da Malaposta
Millénium Film Festival, 2014.
Week end du doc.
Há filmes na baixa.
Doc Alliance.
Encontradouro 2015.
XIX Rencontres autour du film ethnologique.
Cineteca – Matadero de Madrid 2016.
Viva Villa, école du Louvre 2016.

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