100 min / Spain, Portugal / Documentary / 2015.

Director: Diana Toucedo.
Producer: Trepés Coop. Galega.

Cinematographer: Iván Castiñeiras.
Editor: Diana Toucedo.
Sound Director: Ricardo Román
Sound Design: Sound Troop.
Music: Germán Díaz.

The epic of a will, struggle for improving the territories that inhabit. Two territories, Galiza and Portugal, and a reality, ‘montes veciñais’ or ‘baldios’. In Everyone’s hands is a look to his inhabitants in the research of a horizon, that the territories that are in his hands are generators of economic wealths, environmental and social for theirs villages. The documentary crosses in his way for enquire into a so next reality like stranger.
A reality millenary, only, that has to face, also, a future.



Selección oficial -Festival Cineuropa 2016
Exibición en Multicines Norte, Vigo 2016
Exibición en Marin Cines Seixo, 2016
Exibición en Cine Golem, Madrid, 2016
Exibición en Cines Aribau, Barcelona, 2016
Emisión en Televisión de Galicia, 2017

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