75 min / EEUU-Spain / No-Fiction / 2014-23 (in production)

Director: Salvador Sunyer.
Producer: Nanouk Films & Emilia Fort.
Cinematographer: Iván Castiñeiras.

“The Hollywood Conquest” is a road movie through the sewers of Los Angeles where dozens of people like Pablo live and dream of climbing one day to the top of the most difficult mountain of the world, the hills of Hollywood. That’s where Pablo will go to have success and to become a star. Pablo Larcuen as the Quijote in L.A. will be always accompanied by his inseparable squire Victor Santacana doing Pancho’s role.
Pablo wants to taste the sweet honey of success and immortality. We will witness the privations he will have to suffer in order to achieve success. and see the price one has to pay for it.

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