45 min / Spain / Documentary / 2013.

Director: Salvador Sunyer & Alex Rigola.
Producer: Nanouk Films & Temporada Alta, La Caixa.
Cinematographer: Iván Castiñeiras.
Editor: Martin Reimers, Oscar Loeser.
Sound Director: Diego Pedragosa.

Migranland is a documentary, “with the difference that, in this document, you have the protagonists, people in front of you, to play”
Àlex Rigola – DIRECTOR Biennale Venezia

In Migranland, you suffer because you share, because you are not watching the documentary from the sofa but beside those who suffer. Is this a show? Will it serve the financial institution to acquire a mark of social prestige? Do we have the right to observe, to clap, to thrill, to know the life of those who hide to survive, we, that we tend to see that they are not there? If they become invisible, we make it double. All these questions exist. They have to. Despite that there is also three hours of life, authenticity, stinging.
It is lawful and necessary to ask (and ask ourselves) what to do after seeing Migranland.

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